Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Relationship Timeline

since Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleThis relationship was revealed in 2016, their romance has captivated the world. But for Harry and Meghan, their journey from full-time working members of the British royal family to Montecito-based media moguls and philanthropists has been a highly personal matter of heart. Seven years later, the Duke and Duchess of … Read more

I hide my painful story so that others don’t share my story

Dear Miss Manners: My eldest son passed away within the last one month. I am too afraid to share this with friends and close acquaintances, as one person took it as an opening to share all his family health issues and the death of his brother within the past year. What happens to my friends … Read more

We are tired of his monotonous lectures on what to eat

Dear Amy: My husband and I are in our mid-80s, are in generally good health and we have our three kids and their families. We see them all too often. One of our sons has always been very careful about his diet and follows all the latest research on the healthiest way to eat. Now, … Read more

Should I have this contemptuous name for the sake of my children?

Dear Abby: After 15 years of marriage – some happy and some terrifying – I am divorcing my husband. We have two beautiful, wonderful children together. I would love to have the same surname as him, but I can’t imagine keeping my husband’s last name. His family was terrible to me during our entire marriage. … Read more

Meeting these women made me suspicious of my best friend

Dear Harriet: My best friend is one of the cutest people I’ve ever met. He recently introduced me to his other friends, and I was surprised to learn that they are pretty much a bunch of bad guys. He doesn’t seem like a good person at all. We stayed with him for about three hours, … Read more

I don’t want my hatred to be evident at husband’s funeral

Dear Abby: We are a couple who have been married for 46 years. If my husband dies first, I am unsure how to handle any service for him. She has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and during our marriage she made my life hell. I have grown to despise him. I must respect their children and friends. … Read more

Harriet Cole: On the verge of divorce, I’ve had a change of heart

Dear Harriet: I have become so mad at my husband for the things he has done in the past that it is difficult for me to have a good idea of ​​him. To be honest, I’ve been complaining about everything that’s been on my mind – and otherwise -. In many ways he deserves it. … Read more

I don’t like the way these kids say ‘you’re welcome’

Dear Miss Manners: In response to “thank you”, I’ve been hearing “absolutely” or “definitely” a lot, especially from the younger generation. Since when is this acceptable? I find this arrogant and rude. do you agree? I don’t find “any time” rude, especially after thanking someone who did you a big favor. “Of course” just really … Read more