How Limited Run’s New Engine Respects The Legacy Of Classic Games

Limited Run Games Booth (Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl) The world of physical media in brick-and-mortar stores has dwindled in recent years due to the proliferation of digital storefronts readily and conveniently available on modern platforms. While some would never think to pay the same (or more) on a digital game versus one they … Read more

The Pokémon Variety Show will share the “latest info on Pokémon games” next week

Image: The Pokémon Company Trainers got a lot of information about Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet When the new generation first came out in February. So when is the next update? Well, there may be some planning for next week – with claims a Japanese Pokémon variety show called ‘Pokedoko 4’ could possibly have some … Read more

Reminder: Don’t Starve Together is now available on Switch

Subscribe to Nintendo Life On YouTube Updating [Wed 13th Apr, 2022 06:00 BST]† Don’t starve together is now officially available on Nintendo Switch. As part of this, owners of the original game can get a 60% discount on the second title. This offer is valid until April 26, so act fast. Don’t Starve Together has … Read more

Which Is The Best Controller Button, And What Does Your Pick Say About You?

Image: Nintendo Life In the magazine business, the Back Page is where you’d find all the weird goofs that we couldn’t fit in anywhere else. Some may call it “filler”; we prefer “a whole page to make terrible jokes that are tangentially related to the content of the mag”. We don’t have (paper) pages on … Read more