Knicks may be interested in Marjon Beauchamp’s wild trip to the NBA draft

Marjon Beauchamp’s story is like a Hollywood script. From taking a break from basketball to playing in the 2022 NBA Draft Green Room over a 15-month period, the 6-foot-6 wing’s journey has been a whirlwind. After joining Chameleon BX—a training program for draft candidates that flopped—instead of attending a four-year college, he attended a junior … Read more

Johnny Davis enjoys his interview with the Knicks

CHICAGO – Wisconsin sophomore shooting guard Johnny Davis is a straight-up kid with a simple game. Very good protector Solid scorer. A dive-to-the-floor scrapiness. A fatal shot from mid-range. Nothing is more attractive. So when teams asked him an offbeat question about his personal life during an NBA Draft Combine interview in Chicago, Davis didn’t … Read more

The Yankees beat the Cowboys for the title of Most Valuable Sports Team

When it comes to evaluating sports teams, the New York Yankees are king of the top of the hill and pile. The Bronx Bombers are worth $7.01 billion – beating the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys for the title of most valuable franchise. The Cowboys are the second most valuable team, with a valuation of $6.92 billion. … Read more

Julius Randle-Obi Toppin problem hangs over Knicks’ offseason

Rate it as the most truthful remark Knicks president Leon Rose made about his vision during Sunday’s interview with MSG Network.  Rose supported Julius Randle and his rough season, but later added, “With regard to opportunities that may come along, we’re very flexible.’’  The Knicks will be “very flexible” regarding Randle. His status ranks as … Read more