Pelosi visits South Korea

Seoul, South Korea – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with top South Korean political leaders on Thursday, a day after she renews Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to protect democracy on the self-governing island. Ended the high-profile trip. Strong opposition to China, As regional tensions rise after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China is preparing to launch … Read more

Biden administration insists Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan makes no sense

For decades, the United States has avoided direct conflict with China while maintaining a policy of strategic ambiguity toward Taiwan. But that delicate balance could have been shaken by the Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosica visit to the island on Tuesday, in defiance of Beijing’s leaders who warned against travel and vowed to take … Read more

Val Demings is on a Mission

Demings described his life as “really poor”. (One brother, Gerald, said that where they lived “country-country-we actually lived back in the woods.”) But he never realized it because his parents had decided to provide for the newly separated South. worked tirelessly for James was a watchman, Eloise was a housekeeper. He tried to create a … Read more

January 6th Was the Beginning of Ashley Babbitt as a Martyr in Trump’s Creed

Behind the crowd, protesters challenge patriots to define “Nazis.” “We love America,” says one. “If Ashley Babbit were here,” Allman continues, “I guarantee you she’ll be there” – on the edge of the fight – “talking to those guys.” “Scum!” A patriot shouts at the protesters. “Ashley Babbitt doesn’t want you to be scared,” Allman … Read more

Joe Rogan slams Nancy Pelosi, pols for ‘insider trading’

Joe Rogan took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress for being allowed to own stock options even though they’re in a position to regulate the industries from which they are profiting. “They know laws that are going to be put into place,” Rogan said on his Spotify podcast on Thursday. … Read more