The Trump investigation of Letitia James is nearing its final game

Clearly, Donald Trump There’s a Serious Florida-Based Legal Problem That’s Something to Run With 300. more than classified government documents and down in Georgia, the inspection The former president’s effort to “find” votes in the 2020 presidential election is accelerating. But recent headlines don’t mean that New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, Forgot about the … Read more

Merrick Garland to Donald Trump: Your Move, Buddy Boy

one of the funniest aspects of FBI Raid Feather Donald TrumpAs far as anything strange about the one-man crime wave that served as the President of the United States of America, is a matter of “warrant.” In their rush to blindly defend Mr Mar-a-Lago, many of Trump’s aides have spent weeks demanding that the government … Read more

Trump himself is getting a “raid” by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago, and in fairness, he should be

On Monday night, the FBI issued a search warrant at the home of a former US president; This could not have happened to a good man. No, just f – king with you, of course: it happened Donald TrumpA man whose ridicule must be read”one person crime spree“Nearby”Four Seasons Total Landscaping” And “they were going … Read more

“It’s Probably Bad For Former President Trump”: DOJ Doesn’t Appear To Be F—King

last month we learned He Donald TrumpU.S. attorneys are “planning criminal charges” from the Justice Department, an effort that emerged in the wake of the former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson‘s harmful testimony “Not doing so would be career misconduct,” a source familiar with the matter told the January 6 committee. Rolling stone. “Do [former] … Read more

Report: Trump’s legal team “planning criminal charges” from Justice Department

If you have paid any attention to current events over the past several years, but especially since January 6, 2021, you have known for some time that Donald Trump Should be in jail. case for him to lose his freedom crash marriages, deface government propertyAnd run for president again There has been only one boost … Read more

Report: Trump thinks running for president again is his jail-free card

Currently, there are approx 378,945,000 because of Donald Trump should never be allowed to set foot in the White House again, let alone the District of Columbia, a number that grows with each passing day and with all the revelations that come with it—as About that On January 6 he allegedly sent armed supporters to … Read more

Pamela Karlan quietly leaves DOJ amid attacks over ‘unethical’ $1M salary

WASHINGTON – Stanford University law professor Pamela Carlan, known as the . Known for Her 2019 testimony In favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump, he quietly left the Justice Department this month as a conservative group launched attacks on an “immoral” arrangement in which he continues to earn nearly $1 million a year from Stanford … Read more

Do These Explosive January 6 Testimony Mean Trump Will Actually Be Accountable This Time?

Human Cassidy Hutchinson Tuesday was at once a deeply familiar and shocking alien, described in public testimony before the January 6 committee. crueltyThe Egoability to do both engaged in violence And Inspire it in your followers – It was all right there on the package when Donald Trump sold itself to the American public, first … Read more

Elon Musk is pushing big in Twitter bid, but now he faces federal heat

Now I know why he is called “Crazy Alone”. The bankers who covered Elon Musk — the electric car space travel And now, presumably, the social-media impresario — tell me his own board member came up with that name a few years ago, before it seemed an impossibility. $43 billion bid for Twitter. It was … Read more