Elon Musk Gives “Fireside Chat” During Private GOP Retreat in Wyoming

Twitter refreshes its failed bid to buy Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tuesday Attended Republican Retreat Hosted by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he gave a “fireside chat” with key GOP figures before midterm, according to Fox News, The incident reportedly took place on the same day when the representative Liz … Read more

Musk tweets mocking Manchester United buyout

London- Elon Musk caused a stir by tweeting that he was buying English football team Manchester United – whose current owner is opposed by many fans – then said several hours later that it was a joke. It comes as the billionaire Tesla CEO faced a legal battle in the US after he withdrew from … Read more

Who is Nicole Shanahan, who had an affair with Elon Musk?

The estranged wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who allegedly had an affair Elon Musk is a California-based lawyer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Nicole Shanahan reportedly had a brief affair with the Tesla CEO in December, which prompted her husband to file for divorce and end his longtime friendship with Musk. The Wall Street Journal … Read more

Sex in Silicon Valley: Elon Musk’s friendship with Sergey Brin torn apart by alleged affair

co-founder of google Sergey Brin filed for divorce from wife Nicole Shanahan After finding out that he allegedly had an affair with the Tesla founder Elon Musk Last year. The two tech billionaires are no longer friends. Brin and Musk both rank among the top ten richest people in the world and the pair have … Read more

SpaceX booster rocket explodes in flames during test launch

A booster rocket developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the next-generation Starship spacecraft burst into flames during a ground-test firing in Texas on Monday, a potential setback for Musk’s aim to launch Starship into orbit this year. Put. “Yeah, not really good. The team is assessing the damage,” Musco said on twitter After an early … Read more

A Guide to Elon Musk’s Many Children

As you may have already heard against your will, Elon Musk have done it more breeding, as insider report, she had twins Shivan Zillis, Director of Operations and Special Projects at his dystopian-light brain implant company, Neuralink. Two children would bring her total to nine out of three mothers. What’s after that? a baseball team? … Read more

Who is Shivon Zillis? Meet the alleged mother of Elon Musk’s twins

Shivon Zillis has reportedly made Elon Musk 10. the father of, co-founder of tesla secret twins welcomed In November 2021, one of their top executives at Neuralink, along with Zilis, according to business Insider, In April of the following year, the parents requested that the infants’ surnames be “included their father’s last name and their … Read more

Musk meets with Pope, uses Twitter to announce audience

Rome — Tesla CEO Elon Muskwhose $44 billion bid to buy Twitter is in limbo, using the social media platform to announce who it has met Pope Francis, “Horred to meet @Pontifex yesterday,” Musk tweeted to viewers Friday afternoon, along with a photo showing Musk, Francis and Musk’s four teenage children. The Vatican did not … Read more

Twitter board approves Musk’s $44 billion bid

NEW YORK — Twitter’s board has unanimously recommended that shareholders approve the company’s proposed $44 billion sale to billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Musk reiterated his desire to move forward with the acquisition during a virtual meeting with Twitter employees last week, although Twitter’s shares are well … Read more