US, South Korea open biggest exercise in years amid northern threats

Seoul, South Korea — The United States and South Korea began their biggest joint military training in years on Monday as they beef up their defense posture against the growing North Korean nuclear threat. The exercise could elicit an angry backlash from North Korea, which this year has ramped up its weapons testing activity at … Read more

CDC director announces organization shake-up aimed at speed

New York — head of the country’s top people Health The agency on Wednesday announced a shake-up intended to make the organization more nimble. Planned changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC leaders call this a “reset” – amid ongoing criticism of the agency’s response to COVID-19, monkeypox and other public … Read more

We are tired of his monotonous lectures on what to eat

Dear Amy: My husband and I are in our mid-80s, are in generally good health and we have our three kids and their families. We see them all too often. One of our sons has always been very careful about his diet and follows all the latest research on the healthiest way to eat. Now, … Read more

California appeals court dismisses COVID-19 penalty for church

San J0SE, Calif. , A California church that defied safety rules during the COVID-19 pandemic by holding large religious services would not have to pay a fine of nearly $200,000, a state appeals court has ruled. Calvary Chapel San Jose and its clergy were held in contempt of court and fined for violating state and … Read more

Should I have this contemptuous name for the sake of my children?

Dear Abby: After 15 years of marriage – some happy and some terrifying – I am divorcing my husband. We have two beautiful, wonderful children together. I would love to have the same surname as him, but I can’t imagine keeping my husband’s last name. His family was terrible to me during our entire marriage. … Read more

Meeting these women made me suspicious of my best friend

Dear Harriet: My best friend is one of the cutest people I’ve ever met. He recently introduced me to his other friends, and I was surprised to learn that they are pretty much a bunch of bad guys. He doesn’t seem like a good person at all. We stayed with him for about three hours, … Read more

“I’m Feeling Great”: President Joe Biden On Recovering From COVID-19 Rebound After Isolation

President Joe Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday and Sunday, allowing him to leave isolation and resume his itinerary. The President has not left the White House 18 daysSince he initially tested positive for the virus. “I’m Feeling Great,” Biden Told Before boarding Marine One. he reached his home Rehoboth Beach, Delaware On Sunday … Read more

COVID-19. Biden is leaving the White House for the first time since meeting

Rehoboth Beach, Del. , Ending his most recent COVID-19 isolation, the President Joe Biden walked out of the White House on Sunday for the first time after being infected with coronavirus Last month, agreement to reunite with the first lady jill biden in his home state of Delaware. The president tested negative on Saturday and … Read more

Kim threatens nuclear attack amid tensions with US, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned he was ready to use his nuclear weapons in potential military conflicts with the United States and South Korea, state media said on Thursday, as he made fiery rhetoric against rivals, They say that the Koreans are pushing the peninsula to the brink of … Read more

LA county may evade indoor mask mandate

Los Angeles County officials are still looking at the data before deciding whether to include an indoor mask mandate after hospitalizations earlier this month. Hospitalizations are declining and the mask requirement may be put on hold due to a substantial reduction in the number of patients. Meanwhile, the cities of Beverly Hills, pasadena And long … Read more