Dems’ climate, energy, tax bill clears initial Senate hurdle

New York Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks during a news conference Friday, August 5, 2022, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Maryam Zuhaib) Maryam Zuhaib AP Washington Democrats pushed their election-year economic bill toward Senate approval early Sunday, triggering President Joe Biden’s massive collection of priorities on climate, energy, health and taxes … Read more

“How Much More Mass Shootings Should We Endure?”: Assault Weapons Ban Passed By House, Likely To Be Pulled Down By Senate

House pass A bill to ban assault weapons — though hardly — and it will likely hit the Senate. The 2022 Assault Weapons Ban Passed in Final Voting on Friday 217-213, because the delegates did not vote strictly on party lines. two republicans, Chris Jacobso (R.N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) voted for the bill while … Read more

Daylight saving time reform darkens as Congress cites other legislative priorities

A push to give Americans an extra day of afternoon daylight in the winter appears to be dead for now as the House of Representatives is busy with supposedly more pressing matters. Lawmakers on both sides say it’s unlikely they will vote anytime soon to make daylight saving time year-round – and end the hate … Read more

Senate advances expanded ‘chips-plus’ package

WASHINGTON — The Senate is moving forward with a comprehensive “chips-plus” bill that includes hundreds of pages of science-related provisions, which Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer has agreed to add in a more narrow bill focused on semiconductor construction grants and tax incentives. , Schumer based his decision on a “test vote” held Tuesday … Read more

We’ll find out this week which Republicans want to do away with contraception, same-sex and interracial marriage rights

Late last month, as the Supreme Court overturned roe vs wade, justice Clarence Thomas made an offer: Now that the court has helped conservatives achieve their decades-old goal of dismantling the national right to abortion, he and his allies should revisit other landmark rulings concerning the fundamental rights of millions of Americans. In particular, Thomas … Read more

Val Demings is on a Mission

Demings described his life as “really poor”. (One brother, Gerald, said that where they lived “country-country-we actually lived back in the woods.”) But he never realized it because his parents had decided to provide for the newly separated South. worked tirelessly for James was a watchman, Eloise was a housekeeper. He tried to create a … Read more

The Supreme Court is out of step with America on abortion

Voting after the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the constitutional right to abortion shows the extent to which the court’s right-wing judges are acting against its will. majority of Americans. newest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist PollingHeld June 24-25, found that 56 percent of Americans opposed the Supreme Court’s overturning of the decision Roe vs. Wade, while 40 … Read more

January 6th Was the Beginning of Ashley Babbitt as a Martyr in Trump’s Creed

Behind the crowd, protesters challenge patriots to define “Nazis.” “We love America,” says one. “If Ashley Babbit were here,” Allman continues, “I guarantee you she’ll be there” – on the edge of the fight – “talking to those guys.” “Scum!” A patriot shouts at the protesters. “Ashley Babbitt doesn’t want you to be scared,” Allman … Read more

Pence Advisor: Trump’s Lawyer Admits That Pence Reversing Election Will Lose in Supreme Court

Witnesses in Thursday’s hearing on events leading up to January 6 attack had a very clear point: Lawyer John Eastmanthe principle that mike pence can stand alone Joe Biden Becoming President – A Thought Donald Trump Just before, and during, the Capitol’s storm-gimmick was parroting supporters by his allies. “There was no basis in the … Read more

Judge Rules Marjorie Taylor Green May Continue to Terrorize Congress

There are basically unlimited reasons why delegate Marjorie Taylor Green Should not be allowed to serve in Congress. These include, but are not limited to: speaking at an event organized by white nationalistsfor his enthusiasm neurotic conspiracy principleslove for him cause disturbance school-shooting survivors, and his Approval to execute people like call Nancy Pelosic And … Read more