Summer Friday Skin Tone Looks Like You’re Wearing Nothing On Your Face

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Skin tints are nothing new nowadays. In fact, it seems that more skin tints (formerly called tinted moisturizers) are more popular than foundation launches. And it’s not just because of the hot summer months. People want their skin to look the most and be less afraid of pores, red spots, and breakouts. And the best skin shades aren’t just sheer foundations. With so many launches, we want more from our lightweight coverage. he is there Summer Fridays’ Sheer Skin Tint with Hyaluronic Acid + Squalane Comes in.

It truly makes sense that the buzzy skincare brand would make a great skin tint. This is because they are going to put skin care ingredients in the product so that you not only get an even skin but those nutritional benefits as well. To wit, its first foray into makeup includes tiger grass, a humectant blend (glycerin and hyaluronic acid) to help plump fine lines and lock in skin’s moisture barrier, and rich emollients (squalane, vitamin E, safflower and avocado oils) in hydration.

summer friday skin tone

Summer Friday.

There are 10 sheer shades to choose from, a low number that intrigued me the first time I saw how sheer the formula really is. Each shade will work in a variety of skin tones. (Still, some of the darker options would be even better.) I’ve also heard concerns about the fact that at the hefty $42 price tag, no sunscreen in the formula. It doesn’t bother me here. I much prefer having skin care ingredients than SPF in one color product. Why over here

Skin tones with SPF are good but they provide a false sense of security. Chances are, you’re not actually applying enough product to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays and you definitely aren’t reapplying throughout the day. so i also recommend using sunscreen Under any complexion product – even a skin complexion with SPF. So, basically, you have to wear one anyway.

I wore a lightweight, natural-finish skin tint and really liked how it covered my redness and evened out my skin dark circles While still letting my freckles shine. It is perfect for those who do not like the feel of foundation. It really looks like you’re wearing nothing but a little bit of moisturizer. And when it comes to makeup, I couldn’t ask for more.

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