Succession star Brian Cox addresses Edinburgh TV Festival – Deadline

succession Star Brian Cox has stated that Logan Roy, the arch villain he plays in the HBO/Sky epic, would “hate me”, but claimed that he “loves” and “respects the character.”

Cox told Edinburgh The TV festival duo share a “deep despair in the human experience”, but she differs from Roy in being “optimistic”.

“I think things will get better and he doesn’t do that so Logan will hate me,” he told a packed audience on the final day of the festival. “He’d say ‘I wish Brian Cox would shut the f*ck up.'”

Cox revealed that he “loves” and “respects” the character, whom he has portrayed with fanfare for three seasons, including a fourth part.

“Unlike Trump or Murdoch he is self-made,” he explained. “It’s all he himself did. He’s a liar, kind of sad and his curse is that he loves his kids. I’ve come to have a lot of respect for them, even if they’re the opposite of who I am.” “

Cox would pay nothing in season four of Jesse Armstrong succession, Jokingly said that the “Gestapo element of HBO” at the festival would deter him.

Of succession Experiencing production, he urged the writing team to deliver the script in time to learn his lines, though his tongue was in his cheek.

“Writers have nine months to prepare the script and we usually get the script two days before filming,” he said.

“I have lines to learn. A lot of people don’t understand actors which makes sense because we’re crazy but they don’t really understand what actors have to do. It’s hard.”

getting political

A moving clip of Cox was also shown to Edinburgh viewers Brian Cox: That’s the Way the Money Goes (w/t) Documentary for Paramount-owned Channel 5, which addresses poverty in his native Scotland. “It’s important for actors like me to put themselves in a place where they can do something like this,” he said.

Sessions turned political with Cox, an outspoken advocate of Scottish independence, who described the current government as “horrendous”. Scottish Nationalist politician Angus Robertson interviewed him on stage.

“We have been at the mercy of the UK government forever,” Cox said. “We’ve been overlooked so much over the years.”

He also criticized the British acting industry for being “feudal”, enticing actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic West and Eddie Redmayne to come through the public school system.

76 years old Rob Roy, Brave And manhunter The star touched a career spanning 60 years, during which he starred in numerous TV shows, films and plays, winning a Primetime Emmy, two Golden Globes, two Olivier Awards and was nominated for a BAFTA.

After this he is making his directorial debut Glenrothan For Lionsgate and Navigation, Joe. He will shoot next year.

was speaking at Cox Edinburgh TV Festivalwhich is taking place from August 24 to 26 and includes talks from creatives including Rose Mattafio and Dolly Alderton.

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