“Stop Alex Jones”: Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist ordered to pay victim’s parents nearly $50 million in damages

A Texas jury on Friday awarded $45.2 million to the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which caused damages conspiracy theorist alex jones To constantly call mass shootings “a hoax” would pay off.

The punitive damages are in addition to the $4.1 million in compensatory damages that Jones was ordered to pay the parents the day before—the first time he was held financially responsible for his lies about the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, axios informed of.

Total – $49.3 million – Less than $145.9 million in punitive damages and $150 million in compensatory damages sought Neil Heslin And scarlett lewiswhose 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis was killed in school, according to Reuters,

parent’s attorney Told On Friday: “Stop Alex Jones. Stop monetizing misinformation and lies.” In response, Jones’ attorney said Jones repeatedly apologized and offered to host the parents on his show.

The Connecticut State Attorney’s 48-page report on the massacre doesn’t explain why, but 14 December 201220 year old Adam Lance Shot his mother in her bed before leaving for school, where she killed 20 first-graders and six adults before taking her own life.

For years, the Infowars host falsely claimed that the shooting was a “Great Cheat” The conspiracy was hatched by the government, which put “crisis actors” on the scene to make a case for tightening gun laws. However, during the hearing he accepted He believes the massacre was “100% real”.

“Care and concern is very important and we saw what happens when it’s lacking, and so I hope we all go home tonight and everyone who is reading these articles and listening to this message And you have chosen to be in love with your children, because you can,” Wadi Lewis Told After the jury’s decision.

Earlier this week, Jones began Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings for Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Infowars. it is second time This year the company has declared bankruptcy.

Jones was already found liable for defamation by default last year Refuse to open documents. was also a conspiracy theorist Guilty To testify perjury, as he said under oath that he didn’t have any messages that contained “Sandy Hook” on his phone, but his lawyers mistakenly sent his two years of email and phone records to opposing lawyers. lamps; The material appears to contradict his previous claim.

6 January Committee requested Jones’ phone record as part of the Capitol attack investigation. Jones was initially summoned by the committee. november To see if they spread misinformation about the 2020 election and partnership In the rallies of 6 January.

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