Steps to Start a Capsule Closet and Simplify Your Style

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If you’re considering starting a capsule wardrobe, you may be wondering what challenges lie ahead for you. Is it difficult to narrow down the number of clothing items you have? How do you make sure your capsule wardrobe really makes you happy? And what if a capsule wardrobe doesn’t work with your particular lifestyle?

If any of these questions sound like something you’re worried about, you’re certainly not alone. But I may be able to help you out with some tips, as well as offer some advice from some industry experts with their own stories. If you think we can help, feel free to keep reading! We’re going to break down everything you need to know about setting up a capsule wardrobe and simplifying your style.

Find your personal lifestyle

It is absolutely essential to find out your lifestyle and personal needs before getting rid of the clothes in your wardrobe. If you are unable to do so, you put yourself at risk of not being able to live comfortably with your capsule wardrobe and not being able to purchase items that you already own.

“Whatever your wardrobe and whatever your lifestyle, the two should be able to work with each other,” begins Eric Elgren, co-founder to walk, “If you’re an athlete without any athletic clothing, you can see where this can become a problem. If you run everywhere and you don’t have good running shoes, you might even regret it. . While fashion means being stylish, no one is asking you to be uncomfortable so that you can look good.”

According to Zach Goldstein, CEO of public REIt can also be helpful to analyze what you wear for a month or so to get an unbiased idea of ​​what your lifestyle requires. “Try to see what you actually wear for a while before doing a big closet purge,” explains Zach Goldstein. “It makes it so much easier to keep the clothes you need, rather than just the pieces you think you might want.”

By assessing your personal needs, you avoid spending unnecessary cash on items with a utilitarian purpose, especially if you already had the essentials. Let yourself be comfortable and evaluate after knowing which items you should keep out of necessity.

purge your closet

Next comes the task of cleaning out your wardrobe, which can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Sameer Kaur, CEO Armyexplains that “You should start by looking at your closet and see what you really love. Clothes that are comfortable and look good on you, for example, are items that you immediately plan to keep.” Can make decisions. Anything that doesn’t bring you instant happiness should be resolved individually.”

Why would you want to have things that don’t make you happy right away? They can serve another purpose. According to Stacey London, a stylist, fashion consultant, and author, “Any item in your wardrobe must meet one of two criteria: utility and pleasure.” If you use an item frequently, or it fulfills some kind of utility requirement, it would be wise to keep it in your closet.

You might also consider organizing your wardrobe by the season or the season in which you wear them, as suggested by Haim Medin, Creative Director Mark Henry, Haim Medine explains, “If you live in a place that gets really hot and really cold, for example, you’ll need clothing for each of these conditions. You definitely have each of the major weather types.” There’s no shame in having a capsule wardrobe for where you live.”

However, if there are items that you are not wearing for a particular season of the year, you may want to consider keeping those items tucked away and out of your closet. “Reduce Clutter Anywhere You Can,” Begins Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder Sebastian Cruz Couture, “There’s no reason to put your winter coat in the center of attention in the middle of your summer. Remove anything you’re not using, and it will make it easier for you to choose outfits on a daily basis.

Cleaning out your wardrobe is an essential step that turns your typical wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe, so don’t take this step too lightly. Keep what you need, wear what makes you happy, and make it easy enough for you to get dressed on a daily basis.

Simplify Your Closet

paint your primary colors

Many capsule wardrobe aficionados will recommend having a very limited number of colors to maximize your ability to mix each piece with many other articles of clothing. However, that doesn’t mean that wearing non-neutral colors is completely out of the question. “If you love color, there’s zero reason to cut it out of your wardrobe,” explains Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce Hollywood’s Maxine, “What colors do you like to wear? Feel free to embrace them, especially if you can mix them with so many other pieces.”

Or, if you’re not sure where to start with your primary colors, you can try taking a more objective approach. Tom Ford, a fashion designer and filmmaker, asks, “What works with your skin and eyes? Use it to zero in on your wardrobe. ,

You can use a number of guides online to find what generally looks best on your skin tone, but you can also try to figure it out yourself.

Often, guides will suggest that people with lighter skin tones avoid bright and warm colors and instead opt for cooler tones, especially those that are reminiscent of rich jewel colors. However, people with darker skin and eyes may be thought to have more flexibility when it comes to clothing colors. In fact, as long as you feel good and confident in your clothing selections, you can wear whatever you want, especially because skin tones are often more subtle than this simplification.

Get creative with the wardrobe you have

Now that you’ve got your wardrobe ready, you might be wondering what to do next. Well, maintaining the shape of your capsule wardrobe is essential to staying as effective as possible. So how do you do that? “Get creative with the wardrobe you have now,” says Gigi G., Head of Brand and Business Development Kokolu, “If possible fight the urge to buy new things. Tell yourself to wear things you haven’t worn in a while, and you can donate or give them away if you hate them at the end of the day. ,

However, once you carve out a little extra space in your closet, you may be able to make a list of items that will fill in any gaps. This is according to Francis Polara, co-founder and head of product and development the futurepartywhich says, “If you see a hole in your wardrobe, you’re absolutely allowed to buy something new to fill that gap. Every time you notice you need something else, add to the list, one Put together a wish list. The key is making sure your new purchase is reasonably justified.”

By only buying items that will last a long time in your wardrobe, you significantly reduce the amount you spend on new clothes. It’s also a great way to simplify your life, as you’ll have to spare less time for shopping and browsing. You can also reduce the time taken in selecting outfits to wear on a daily basis, which is also an important factor in many people’s lives.

quality over quantity

When you’re buying new, which will inevitably happen if things wear out or are out of fitting, it can be helpful to make sure the item you’re buying is of a high quality. “Try to buy as high-quality clothing as possible,” says Bren Millet, CEO of bisolovli“Over time, this will reduce the amount you spend on clothing and you will get a lot more out of these items.”

In addition, it is also essential to be intentional with your purchases. Many people decide to have capsule wardrobes for sustainability-focused reasons. “Be intentional with your purchases,” says Dan Potter, head of digital craft london, “You can do this by opting for thrift rather than buying new, or head to stores with sustainability-focused missions. You can also learn to repair clothing with small holes to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

While not everyone with a capsule wardrobe chooses to do so for sustainability reasons, it is a very popular reason. Because of this, opting to shop at affordable stores and like-minded stores will allow you to maintain these standards, especially if that is your objective. Maintaining your capsule wardrobe can also inspire you to learn how to sew to make minor repairs on your pieces, increase the longevity of the items you love and keep more money in your pocket.

Creating a capsule wardrobe can seem overwhelming or limiting, especially if you usually find it difficult to reduce the number of clothing items in your closet. However, I hope this guide has helped you understand that having a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to mean affecting your lifestyle, especially if you are looking for the right things to create and maintain a sense of utility in your closet. Select objects.

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