Some Texas asylum seekers didn’t want to live in NYC

A day after greeting migrants seeking asylum at the Port Authority bus terminal in midtown Manhattan, Mayor Adams revealed Monday that some of them had been “re-ticketed” to visit family members outside New York City. be able to live together

For weeks, Adams has been embroiled in a The War of Words – and Public Policy – With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who announced last week that he would begin directing busloads of asylum seekers to the Big Apple in a move called Adams “mean,” “brutal” and anti-American.

But it now appears that some of the migrants arriving in New York City are no longer staying—a result, according to Adams, of the Republican governor’s misguided and poorly-planned policy.

“There were some who wanted to move to other cities where their families are, and they packed them on the bus without any instructions,” Adams said Monday morning in Queens. “We learned that a lot of people had to reticket – they wanted to go somewhere else.”

The mayor said that Abbott’s focus on New York directly caused confusion, with little regard for a common-sense solution to the situation.

“They specifically targeted New York,” he said. “‘He’ being the governor of Texas.”

The dispute between Adams and Abbott began last month when Adams accused the state governments of both Texas and Arizona of giving asylum seekers “one-way” bus tickets into the city. At the time, Abbott responded that the Lone Star State had directed “thousands of immigrants” to Washington DC, but none to New York. Then, last week, Abbott said he would also begin sending migrants here, saying it was the “ideal destination” for “the services Mayor Adams claimed.”

On Sunday morning, Adams greeted migrants arriving by bus at the Port Authority. Fourteen migrants disembarked, but the mayor noted that the others had left before reaching the bus terminal. Asked about this on Monday, Adams said he didn’t know “what stops were made along the way.”

“If you’re getting people out of the way in a new country, and you can’t have a complete understanding of the language — it’s just dehumanizing,” he said.

It is also not clear who helped some migrants get new bus tickets.

Adams mentioned “some amazing partners” who helped with that effort on Monday but did not specify who they were. His press office would only say that they were a “non-profit and church group”, and Adams said he did not know where the travelers eventually went.

The mayor also rebuked Abbott for not coordinating with the city, saying Texas had not shared any information about the number of people or their final destinations. He then urged the GOP to “become a true American.”

The mayor said, “This is a place where the Statue of Liberty sits in the harbor, and we say bring us our weary people, who yearn to be free – that’s what asylum seekers are doing.” “I don’t think there is anything more anti-American than shipping people on a bus for a 45-hour journey without any basic need, or direction, or coordination.”

For Abbott, the issue has served as a cuddle against President Biden, who has been accused of presiding over a “deadly” immigration policy.

Abbott claimed on Twitter on Monday, “The US side of the southern border has killed more migrants in the last 9 months than any other full year in our nation’s history.” “President. Biden’s open border policies have fatal consequences. The time has come for him to do his bit to protect the border and save lives.

Adams said Monday that he is still in talks with the Biden administration about sending aid to the city to address the city’s bursting homeless shelters and an influx of asylum seekers, which the city estimates will now last this year. has reached 4,000.

He has been saying for weeks that his administration is in talks with the White House – but so far little has been shown for it.

“On Friday, the teams were speaking at a low level, and now we’re going to have a high level conversation with the White House,” Adams said. “I believe the call is today.”

He said he also intended to tell the city’s congressional delegation, but declined to say when he expected a deal with the White House.

Adams would not disclose an exact dollar amount, or whether he would request assistance from the National Guard when asked for more information about the resources being requested from the feeds — a request made by Washington DC last week was denied. was done.

“It’s just a moving configuration,” Adams said. “But we need resources to help.”

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