Shows only like murders in the building

The first season of Hulu’s hit mystery series “Only murders in the building” With fans finally finding out who killed Tim Kono. unlikely trio Steve MartinMartin Short, and Selena Gomez Give the show the right mix of zany and edgy energy, and their inter-generational dynamics allow the series to tell a touching story about the need for human connection. Add in the truly shocking twists and turns of the central mystery — and bold creative moves like silent episodes — and you have the recipe for an unforgettable first season. That’s why fans are just as excited for season two, which premiered on June 28.

The only downside: We’ll have to wait an entire week in between each new episode to see what comes next in Mabel, Charles, and Oliver’s new Searching for Bunny’s killer, so to fill arconia-shape hole in our heart in the meantimeWe have collected a selection Shows like “Only Murders in the Building”. Of course, there isn’t a single show that covers everything that is “only murders in the building“So special, but these shows, which range from casual mysteries to start-up comedies, all have a lot in common with the wit and suspense you’ve come to expect from “Only Murder.” Find your next favorite show ahead!

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