Selena Gomez wants marriage, kids before leaving Hollywood

Expect. Selena Gomez She revealed her hopes for a family and explained why she doesn’t see herself in Hollywood for the rest of her life.

“I look forward to getting married and becoming a mother,” only murders in the building The 34-year-old star said in an August episode of the Tata series, “give back generationwith her friends Raquel Stevens And amy cook,

Talking about her hopes for the future, Gomez clarified that she doesn’t think she’ll be in the spotlight. “After all, I’m going to get tired of all this, so I’m probably going to dedicate most of my life to philanthropy before I can walk out in peace,” she said.

The “Wolves” singer said, “Just keep it real” as her friends laughed at her deep tone.

He needs his loved ones to be as authentic. While discussing unacceptable personality traits among loved ones, Gomez reveals that pride is a big red flag. “I can’t deal with an egotistical person,” ex Wizards of Waverly Place Star said. “I have zero patience. We’re all the same people. We all chatter, we all eat… We all have red blood. That’s life.”

There was also a discussion about love languages ​​in the episode “Giving Back Generation”. Gomez revealed that her needs for friends and romantic partners are slightly different. When she said she liked physical affection, Stevens said the Grammy-nominated singer doesn’t always let friends hug her.

“I want a husband and I want that kind of touch,” laughed Gomez, “I think my love language should have physical touch… and an act of service. The older I’ve gotten, the more I really I appreciate him.”

She continued: “I went and went with someone who was a little bit older and it was awesome. It was kind of like caring. Being like, ‘Are you comfortable? Do you need a blanket?’ Just sweet talk. And I was like, ‘I’m fine, I don’t need anything.’ But it was so kind and I don’t think a lot of people are like that now.”

gomez is lonely but seen holidaying in italy with andrea ervolino earlier this month. The 34-year-old Italian filmmaker helped him in the water as he spent the day on a yacht, dining with friends and soaking up the sun. However, she is still unmarried and looking for her future husband.

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