See Sarah Drew’s Enthusiastic Reaction to Japril’s TV Scoop Awards Nomo

Amelia (Katrina Scorsone) and Kai (ER Fightmaster) was nominated for Steamiest Kiss, the residency program being canceled in the season finale was nominated for Favorite Plot Twist and gray’s anatomy Was nominated for Most Jaw-Dropping Season Finale, Most Engaged Fandom, and Favorite Drama Series.

While our moments with Japril have been fleeting lately, there is reason to be excited about the future.

“I get tweets every day from people about a dark, serious, sensual Japril spin-off,” Sarah told E! daily pope August 5, “I’m down, I’m up for it, but it’s not up to me. You have to go to the powers that be, man.”

Not only this, Jesse Looks Like He’ll Be On Board Too,

May our hearts be still.

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