See Bridgerton’s new Francesca on set for the first time

the legacy Hannah Doddie be a diamond bridgerton season three? It’s very possible.

thank you for new pictures from setNow we know what Dodd’s official debut as the new Francesca Bridgerton will look like. In the pictures, the 27-year-old, who was declared ruby stokes‘ The replacement, in the Netflix hit, looked right at home in a cream-colored Regency-era gown and sparkling diamonds. She also smiled as she stood next to her on-screen brother Jonathan BaileyJoe plays the role of Anthony Bridgerton.

“I am very excited,” she told TVLine in July To join the Bridgerton family. “Everyone has been so sweet. I just want to do a good deed.”

For those of you wondering what happened to the original Francesca, fret not. Stokes moved on to a different Netflix project, titled Lockwood & Co., With the drama confirming Stokes’ exit in May: “The only thing TON loves more than a scam is a celebration. Welcome the new member with joy bridgerton family.”

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