Seahawks Radio Broadcasts: How to listen during the 2022 season – Seattle Sports

The 2022 Seattle Seahawks season is here, and we have all the action for you live on the Seahawks Radio Network.
Want to listen to Steve Raible, the longtime voice of the Seahawks, and fellow former NFL player Dave Wyman on the call all season long? They’re only on the Seahawks Radio Network, with Seattle Sports 710 AM and KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM serving as the flagship stations.
Coverage starts three hours before every game with the Seahawks pregame show and concludes with the postgame show, which airs for roughly two hours after each Hawks game.
If you are unable to tune in Seattle Sports, KIRO FM or any other Seahawks Radio Network affiliate on your radio dial, here are the ways you can listen on your phone, computer or other devices:
Using a mobile device
Use either the Seattle Sports app or the official Seahawks app. If you are using the Seahawks app on Android, click the radio icon in the top right corner (next to the refresh button). Swipe left or right to change between the Seattle Sports and KIRO FM streams. If you are using the Seahawks app on Apple, click the ‘Game’ tab, where you will see buttons to listen to either the KIRO FM or Seattle Sports feed.  If you are using either the Seahawks or Seattle Sports app, are within 100 miles of Lumen Field and receive a message that says you are geo-blocked, make sure you have location permissions allowed for the app, and if you have, restart your phone. A restart should refresh your phone’s location setting, which should then allow your phone to be recognized by our geo-blocking service and make the stream available to you. If the problem continues, contact your phone service provider for help in getting your location setting reset.
Using a browser
Tune in through or the KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM stream from
Please note, due to NFL restrictions, radio affiliates are not allowed to stream game broadcasts outside of their terrestrial radio range. If you are outside of the Seattle area but in the Pacific Northwest, please find your nearest Seahawks Radio Network affiliate at this link.

If you are outside of a 100-mile radius of the Seahawks’ home stadium, Lumen Field, the only ways to listen to Seahawks games online are through your nearest Seahawks Radio Affiliate or by purchasing a subscription to the NFL’s streaming service. You can find more information on the service at this link.


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