Seahawks 'Heavy Metal': Rookie Abraham Lucas on DK Metcalf & Making Music in Seattle – Sports Illustrated

The Seattle Seahawks have a bright future on their roster, regardless of this season's outcome. With rookies Tariq Woolen, Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas leading the charge, Seattle has laid out the successful foundation to a promising youth movement.
There's an infinite number of statistics and ratings that can be thrown out there to show the rookies' impacts on the field this season. For example, Lucas has allowed just one sack over 186 pass blocking snaps in the first five weeks.
What you won't see on the stat sheet, is the connection these rookies have begun to form with their teammates off the field. Team chemistry is often one of the x-factors in winning cultures and organizations. 
In the case of Lucas, music has been his way to connect with his teammates, while trying to teach Pro Bowl receiver and teammate DK Metcalf how to play the guitar.
"I actually had a conversation with him [Metcalf] about it because I know he is trying to learn," Lucas said. "I was like, ‘Dude, I can teach you some stuff.’ He was like, ‘Cool, let’s do it,’ but it hasn’t happened yet, but we will see.”
When asked by reporters who would be the lead in a team band, Lucas gave some insight into his unique music taste.
"I don’t think anybody would want to be in the type of band that I would want to make," Lucas said playfully. "Apparently, it’s weird to like heavy metal. I don’t get it either … I listen to metal and people are like, ‘Dude, that sucks.’ I’m like, ‘It’s Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden is great. What are you talking about?’”
Lucas also mentioned he has had some "rookie duties," but nothing that compares to his days at Washington State.
"We just bring water up, buy dip, and stuff like that, so it’s not anything to complain about," Lucas explained. "I had to get my head shaved in college and I had to go to class the next day. That was kind of a fun thing to do, so I don’t know if it would bother me that much."
"Rookie duties" or not, as the Seahawks prep for a Week 6 meeting with Arizona, you wouldn't be able to tell Lucas is a rookie based off his play for Seattle this season. Maybe it's the heavy metal music that gives him his edge, or maybe he's just that good. Nonetheless, Lucas has already begun to make an impression in Seattle, one pass block rep and one guitar strum at a time.
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