Seahawks Ex Earl Thomas Mansion 'A Total Loss' After Lightning Strike, Fire – Sports Illustrated

The tumultuous times for Earl Thomas continue.
The former Seattle Seahawks star owns a home in his native Orange, Texas, and on Thursday night it reportedly got struck by lightning, which set the house on fire … and now it appears the house is completely lost.
Thomas was reportedly at the scene, but left. He has not commented publicly on the fire. According to reports, nobody is believed to have been caught inside the home.
Firefighters battled the massive blaze for hours, with local officials saying that the fire is "under control,'' though a report states that "plants and vegetation on the property reportedly made extinguishing the fire more difficult.''
Thomas last played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2019. He totaled seven Pro Bowl nods, five All-Pro honors and a Super Bowl title during his 10-year NFL career, nine seasons of which were spent with the Seahawks.
He has not played in the NFL since 2020, when he was released by the Ravens after a series of absences from practice followed by an incident featuring him allegedly punching a teammate during a preseason practice.
In April, he announced that he wants to get back into the NFL, claiming that he was in football shape and ready to return to the field.
"I’m ready,” Thomas said. “I’m in shape. My timing is on point – I’m proud of that.”
Unfortunately, just a few weeks after his announcement, a judge issued an arrest warrant for the former NFL star. Thomas allegedly violated a court protective order by sending threatening messages to his estranged wife about her and her children.


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