Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Speaks Out On Roughing The Passer Controversy – Sports Illustrated

To many fans and the media, these “roughing the passer” calls are getting out of hand.
When Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was called for roughing the passer on a strip sack against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday, the NFL world erupted.
Since, a debate has started on whether “roughing the passer” calls should be made reviewable. For Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, the answer to that debate is clear.
“I think getting it right is what is important,” said Carroll. “I always have hated instant replay. I like the game to just keep going. But now that we have it, let’s use it right and as much as we can whenever they can.”
It’s even gotten to a point where Carroll feels the need to coach and address his team on the issue.
“Before the week is out, yes. We’ll get to it,” Carroll said.
Carroll is asking the questions going through many fans’, players’, and media members’ heads right now. However, Carroll has hope for improvement going forward regarding the interpretation and enforcement of the penalty.
“These calls as they happen, they (league officials) are starting to work their tails off,” Carroll says. “They try to fix their interpretations. I’m anxious to hear what happened by the end of this week when we get our stuff. I’m sure they will be talking about it.”
The rest of the NFL world will also likely be “anxious” to hear changes or clarification to the rule, as fans and players are left wondering, what even amounts to “roughing the passer” in today’s NFL?
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