Seahawks BREAKING: QB Trey Lance Exits With Serious Injury, Jimmy Garoppolo in for 49ers – Sports Illustrated

The NFC West rivalry between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers is a passionate one. But all involved have just witnessed a rather somber moment on this Week 2 NFL Sunday.
The Niners starting quarterback, Trey Lance, has been ruled out of this game vs. the Seahawks as he has been carted off of the field early in the first quarter with what is being reported to be a right ankle injury.
Lance went to the ground after being tackled by the Seahawks on a QB run, and he remained down for a number of minutes before it was decided that the medical cart was needed.
Lance left the game with what appeared to be an air cast on his right leg and shortly thereafter was ruled out by San Francisco.
Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers one-time Super Bowl QB who restructured his contract in the offseason in order to remain on as a backup QB in San Francisco – or maybe even as someone who might compete with premium first-round youngster Lance going forward – entered the game after the injury.
Sunday was Lance's second NFL start, as last year he served as the backup to Garoppolo. The organization and Garoppolo looked into trade ideas during the offseason before deciding on the re-done deal.
At this moment, the 49ers organization is surely thankful it did so … and is surely hopeful that Lance's injury is not too severe.


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