Scott Disick in car accident: Left his Lamborghini on his side

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Scott Disick There is news of being involved in a car accident in Calabasas, California at around 3:00 pm on Sunday (August 21). tmz, Scott, 39, suffered “only minor injuries”, but no one would have thought after seeing photos of his damaged car. In photos obtained by TMZ, Scott’s Lamborghini SUV is lying on its side in the street, with debris strewn across the road. Thankfully, Scott reportedly suffered a “minor cut to the head” and that was enough to refuse medical attention when paramedics arrived.

Photos also show a demolished stone mailbox on its side. Scott was driving through the Oaks gated community when the accident occurred. He was reportedly alone in the vehicle when it rolled over, and keeping up with the Kardashians The alum also “appeared not to be spoiled” according to TMZ sources. No arrests or citations were issued.


Before this horrific accident, Scott kept a low profile as he went about his business. Recently he was seen hanging out with rod stewart’s daughter, kimberly stewart, in Beverly Hills. Rod and Kimberly, 42, rocked an oversized multi-colored tracksuit emblazoned with “The Lord” at an eatery in Beverly Hills for lunch. Kimberly channeled some late ’90s my So Called Life-Reality with a black dress, a light blue button-up shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Although Scott has spent a lot of time with Kimberly over the summer, don’t expect any sparks to fly. These two have “more than one” sibling relationship And the romantic aspect just isn’t there,” and insider Told hollywoodlife especially. Everything is platonic between these two, and they’ve been spending more time together because Kimberly – founder and owner the realmA “home organization, and space curation” company – has done some work to reorganize Scott’s home.

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The two also talk about parenting. Scott shares three children with kourtney kardashian , Mason Disick, Penelope Disick, And Raj Disick , While Kim shared a daughter, delilahwith actor benicio del toro, “They are very practical parents and can relate to each other a lot,” the insider said. “Kimberly doesn’t sugarcoat anything with him, and she doesn’t even kiss him. She’s just a really good friend.”

Scott has also helped Kimberly’s brother, Sean StewartWith her new clothing line, dirty weekend, Scott, who is the CEO/owner of his own fashion line, clumsy“Advising Sean on marketing the brand and Sean greatly appreciates it.”

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