Safari Samuels defends penis size, doesn’t want family to see tape

just a few days ago, Safari Samuels Unveils plans to take legal action against the man responsible for his sex tape scandal. His announcement came after someone leaked several clips purportedly showing himself and social media influencer Kimbella Matos indulging in sexual acts.

vault uncut The viral conversation fueled by posting a single video containing the short clip. As his name continued to circulate, Safari promised that the person responsible would pay for it. “Cyber ​​crimes.”

Safari says people call him “d**kfisher”, which hurts him

Then on Monday, Safari seemingly revealed why that would be pursuing legal action, But first, he took a dig at a Twitter user who used tweets from his lawsuit to make fun of his penis size. And Safari wasn’t happy with the label “bf/husband” [penis],

Twitter user @shaundrie replied to Safari’s tweet saying, “It’s ok, it’s bf/husband [eggplant emoticon], They are the ones you can take every day because they don’t hurt. Look at the bright side of this nuisance. ,

In response, Safary wrote, “You know all too well I wasn’t tough in that video! I don’t need any promos leaking no weak** half-excited sex tapes! Me ad**kfisher Afraid to be called out. It hurts 1 of everything I’ve been called in my life. You can’t fake my only fans videos! You want to!”

It’s unclear whether Safari intended the commentary to be a joke, but they continued to tweet user @shondry beyond replying. At the same time, he also spoke about the effect of the tapes on his children and mother.

“At the end of the day, I have kids and I don’t want them to grow up looking at all that crap*t,” said Safari. “I’m good where I am in life, why wait until now to do some sh*t? You can all see my flesh It happened but I don’t want anyone to see me having sex. My mom wtf everything Looks like!?!?!?!?”

Safari doesn’t want to sell porn – despite the 2018 dildo deal

In his second tweet, Safari hinted at his 2018 sex toy deal, which included a 12-inch dildo inspired by his penis.

but even though love and hip-hop The franchise star was comfortable selling a model of his manhood, he has no interest in selling porn.

“I have bad friends telling me to redeem myself and make a new video; And show them what time it is on my only fans,” tweeted Safari. “I’m like bro, I’m not a porn star. Girls who know me say uh. They know what time it is, the rest of the world doesn’t need to know. The Internet is a wild place. ,

Up until this point, the other person featured in the sex tape, Kimbella, has seemingly remained silent online about the entire ordeal. Meanwhile, Safary’s ex-wife and mother gave their theory last week about the leaks to their baby daughter and son.

Can you sue yourself and your paid partner also if both of you….???? nevva mind,” wrote Erica the shed roomof comment section.

In June, Erica, Safari and Kimbella war of words on social media, At the time, Erica accused the father of her children of being a sex addict and labeled the influencer a “prostitute”.

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