Russian ammunition depots, missile systems wiped out in deadly battle: Ukraine

The Ukrainian military reported that it killed 39 Russian soldiers and destroyed several weapon systems and vehicles, but has activated airstrikes after Russia failed to advance into southern Ukraine.

Operational Command South shared the report on Facebook on Thursday PostSaid that the Ukrainian army attacked Russian weapons and equipment in the Kherson Administrative District in the southern part of the country. The online post is the latest upbeat news from Ukrainian forces as they turn their efforts to retake the southern regions of Russia-occupied Ukraine.

In addition to the Russian soldiers killed, the command said it destroyed four S-300 missile systems, a radar station, a mortar and nine armored and military vehicles. The command said it targeted two Russian weapons and equipment depots in Kherson and nearby Kakhovka, in addition to air defense systems.

“The situation in our area of ​​responsibility remains tense, but the defense forces control its development,” the command said in the post. “The enemy continues to fight along the occupied defense frontier. There has been no change in neither the structure nor the situation.”

Missile attack in Kherson
Ukraine reports that it has launched more successful attacks against Russian troops. Above, craters caused by a Ukrainian rocket attack on Kherson’s Antonovsky bridge spanning the Dniepro River are shown on July 21, 2022.
Stringer / AFP / Getty Images

Ukraine’s Operational Command South also said in the post that Russian forces had activated artillery and air strikes after being unable to advance on the ground.

US-provided HIMARS Advanced Multi-Rocket Launcher, Armed with the Ukrainian Army have reported successful attacks against Russian military targets in recent days.

Reported gains come as Ukraine pushes for a critical counter-attack With the hope of turning the war in his favor in the Russian-occupied South. They also come in the form of the Russian army have seen their approximately 75,000 soldiers killed or injured and others reportedly facing serious morale problems.

Institute for the Study of War, an American think tank, said in published research On Wednesday, Russian forces are reportedly preparing to prevent a Ukrainian counter-offensive near the border of the Kherson administrative district.

Citing Ukrainian intelligence sources, the think tank said the Russian military was moving equipment via the south. Russia is trying to strengthen administrative control of the occupied territories in preparation for possible occupation.

The Russian Air Force shot down five rockets in the Donetsk and Kherson regions, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov told Russian state-run TASS News Agency Thursday.

Additionally, Russian air defense systems also defeated a Ukrainian attack on the Antonovka Bridge, which leads to the Kherson region, Kirill Stremosov, a Russian military administrator, said. TASS. told,

newsweek The Russian government has been reached for comment.

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