Russia rained missiles on Ukrainian cities, hundreds trapped

Russian missiles rained down on cities across Ukraine on Saturday as troops entered deep into Severodnetsk, one of the last cities in the broken eastern sector of Luhansk that had not been taken in the four months since its invasion. And where hundreds of civilians are stranded. chemical plant.

Reports said Russian troops were moving into areas of the city where Ukrainian troops were moving out. Follow the order to leave the besieged city on Friday After suffering heavy casualties in street fighting for days.

All of the city’s bridges have been destroyed by Russian troops, as well as most of the city’s infrastructure, BBC reported.

Hundreds of civilians were trapped in a chemical plant with huge underground structures outside Severodnetsk. continued to beat the plant with shells on Saturday, Kyiv Independent reported, citing regional governor Serhi Haidai. It is estimated that the number of people sheltering in plants spread underground is between 500 and 800.

    Ukrainian soldiers move to a post in the city of Severodnetsk in the Luhansk region,
Ukrainian troops were ordered to leave Sevirodonetsk.
EPA / Alexander Ratushniak

local news outlet also reported An overnight air raid that was launched from Russia’s ally Belarus. The Kyiv Independent said, “According to Ukrainian defense intelligence, this was the first airstrike on Ukraine carried out directly from the territory of Belarus, and was Russia’s ‘provocation’ to engage Belarus in the war against Ukraine.” “

Belarus missiles hit targets across Ukraine.

The Russians also opened fire on the “twin city” of Severodnetsk, the city of Lisichansk, which appears to be the only part of the eastern Luhansk region still standing against the invasion. It is a significant development as Russian President Vladimir Putin has justified the invasion with claims that he is protecting the people of Luhansk – the predominantly Russian-speaking region where the Kremlin-backed fighting has been going on since 2014 – from genocide.

A Ukrainian soldier walks into a post in the city of Severodnetsk in the Luhansk region,
The infrastructure of Severodnetsk has been mostly destroyed.
EPA / Alexander Ratushniak

Together with Donetsk Province, it forms an area called Donbass, which Putin claimed as Russian territory since the invasion began.

The BBC reported that Ukraine’s defense ministry described the south and southeast of the cities as “the hottest areas of the front”.

The UK Defense Ministry said the reorganization of the Ukrainian army came as “Russian armored units continue to creep along the southern edge of the region”.

Putin has “removed several generals from key operational command roles,” including the commander of its air forces and the commander of the southern forces, Alexander Dvornikov. “Dvornikov was also for a time perhaps acting as the over-all operational commander,” The ministry said in a Twitter post,

Separately, Russia claimed that its troops had killed 80 Polish fighters in the Donetsk region, Wire informed of.

In the Donetsk region “80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored combat vehicles and eight Grad multiple rocket launchers were destroyed in precision strikes on the Megatex zinc factory in Konstantinovka”, it said in a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, which could not be independently verified. It did not say when the strike took place.

The country’s top general said on Saturday that while Ukrainian troops were moving out of some areas, the country has already deployed the US-supplied HIMARS rocket system against targets in Russian-held areas.

A Ukrainian soldier cares for a wounded fellow soldier during a medical evacuation on a road in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbasi
A Ukrainian soldier cares for a wounded fellow soldier during a medical evacuation on a road in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbass.
Anatoly Stepanov / AFP via Getty Images

“The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully hit some targets – our, Ukrainian, enemy military targets on the territory,” wrote the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Valery Zaluzny on the Telegram app.

Friday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thank you tweeted Weapons for America. “we are grateful [The US president] And for the decision to provide another $450 million defense aid package to Ukraine to the American people,” he wrote. “This support, including additional HIMARS, is now more important than ever. With joint efforts we will free Ukrainian lands from Russian aggressors!”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s largest LGBTQ rights event, KievPride, has joined Warsaw’s annual equality parade, the largest gay pride event in Central Europe, aiming to serve as a platform to keep international focus on the Ukrainian conflict. to use in.

“We are marching for political support for Ukraine, and we are marching for basic human rights for the Ukrainian people,” said Kyivpride director Lenny Emson. “It’s not a celebration. We’ll wait for victory to celebrate.”

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