Russell Wilson 'Livid' at Coach Pete Carroll: Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Trade Review – Sports Illustrated

The Denver Broncos acquired quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seahawks in an offseason trade that is leading up to the Monday night Week 1 homecoming at Seattle.
But in between come volumes of reports regarding what went down to fuel the breakup and the trade. Our Corbin Smith has a deep dive here. And ESPN has another, insisting the drama is about Wilson being “livid” at coach Pete Carroll for "taking his foot off the gas'' in a 27-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons on October 27, 2019.
Is this a small thing? A petty thing? Wilson was a candidate for the MVP that year, and per a report, he believed Carroll’s decision damaged his chances to win the honor.
Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson eventually won the NFL MVP. Wilson went on to total 4,110 yards and 31 touchdowns and was named a second-team All-Pro and finished fifth in the voting for Offensive Player of the Year. Jackson got the nod after leading the league in passing touchdowns (36) while also rushing for 1,206 yards and seven touchdowns.
How worthy was Wilson, despite the Falcons thing? He went on to a season of 4,110 yards, 31 touchdowns and six interceptions. Plenty good. … just not good enough.
The Broncos will kick off their regular season against the Seahawks, and Wilson will be chasing his first-ever MVP trophy. And on Monday, it will be the job of Carroll and his guys to block any Wilson MVP bid – no controversy or "livid'' feelings allowed.
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