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rod Stewart77, spent some quality time with him three daughters, kimberly42, ruby35, and Renee, 30, during a family trip to Italy this week! The singer posed for several new pictures during the fun and they were posted on some of the girls’ Instagram stories. One picture showed the proud father sitting on the stairs outside with the three beauties as they got closer and smiled for the camera.

She wore a white button-down top, white pants, and white shoes with black shoe lace as her signature blonde hair spiky. He also wore a white pearl necklace and a pair of sunglasses hung over his shirt. She topped off her look with several beaded bracelets on one wrist and a watch on the other.

Kimberly looked gorgeous in a white dress and black sandal-style shoes, while Ruby wore a dark blue dress and brown slip-on sandals. Renee also wore a beige dress and black sandal-style shoes, and all three women had long hair down. One arm of Rod was around Ruby, while Renee, who was sitting on the other side, placed her hand around him.

Rod’s wife penny lancasteralso posed with his step daughters on the stairs. She looked great in a long blue, pink and white patterned dress and her long blonde hair down. She also added sunglasses, which were on top of her head in the picture.

Another photo from the trip shows Rod and Kimberly spending time on the boat. In the photo they looked relaxed and content, and you can tell it was an amazing father-daughter moment. A third photo shows the three girls posing with their father on the boat and wearing different outfits, giving the impression that it was taken on a different day from the picture of the ladder.

Penny shared a larger group on August 1 family photo From the same journey to social media. This included Kimberly, Ruby, and Renee, as well as Rod’s other children, Alistair16, Sean41, Aiden11, and liam27. His eldest daughter was the only one of his children missing from the herd Sarah53.

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