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Oct 30, 2016; New Orleans, LA, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson (3) and cornerback Richard Sherman (25) watch from the sidelines in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
The Seattle Seahawks play the Broncos in Week 1 of 2022. And a great former-Seahawk CB might be helping beat a great former-Seahawk QB.
How odd is this world? During the 2021 season, there might have been 12s that thought, “Meh, I still like Richard Sherman to some degree but he liked playing the role of the villain. Russell Wilson is just a good guy.” And now Seahawks fans might be thinking, “Oh, that Russ guy stinks! I am glad Sherm is on our side!”
We live in strange times but there is a reason for it.
This offseason, Russell Wilson wanted out of Seattle and the Seahawks traded him. Meanwhile, Richard Sherman, a cornerback who left after 2017 and played for the NFC West rival 49ers for a bit, has returned to basically help coach the Seahawks’ young corners. That is especially true for 2022 draftee Tariq Woolen.
Sherman has helped the Seahawks in training camp already this year. The important thing to note is just how similar he is to fifth-round pick Woolen. Both Sherman and Woolen are tall for cornerbacks, both are at least 6’3″. And both were taken in the fifth round and converted from being a receiver in college to cornerback.
@RSherman_25 said he’s going to have a convo with rookie corner @_Tariqwoolen Love this for both of them, sherm got the knowledge and was in a similar situation as a rookie #Seahawks
— phantom 🤞🏽🤷🏽‍♂️ (@BaylessFan) September 3, 2022

Last week, Sherman said on his podcast he would definitely have a conversation with Woolen on how to prepare. But very few people know how to play Russell Wilson better than Richard Sherman. Sherman went against Wilson in practice for six years. If anyone was going to impart wisdom to Woolen on how to defend against Wilson, Sherman is the guy.
Plus, Sherman is likely the best player ever to advise Woolen how to be a great corner. Few players have the similarities that Woolen and Sherman have. The difference may be Sherman never had Woolen’s speed but does Woolen have Sherman’s instincts and football smarts?
Maybe Woolen does but those develop over time. One thing is for sure, however, if Sherman really is helping Woolen develop, Woolen is also going to learn Sherman’s voodoo on how to play. If Woolen isn’t great by Week 1, if he keeps listening to Sherman Woolen might be great by Week 10.
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