‘RHOBH’ Star Kathy Hilton Weirdly Confuses Lizzo For “Precious” Actress Gabourey Sidibe [Video]

While appearing on Wednesday’s episode “Watch what happens live with any Cohen, Kathy Hilton vague Lizzo For “Precious” Star Gabourey Sidibe.

Hilton made a mistake during the game,”will kathy know them?” where Cohen asked Hilton to identify the celebrities in the photographs.

Seeing Lizzo’s picture, Hilton closed her eyes and said, “I feel like I know her.” Then she said, “Precious?”

Between mix-ups, Hilton’s “RHOBA“co-star Crystal Kung MinkoffCohen, and the bartender all burst into laughter.

Trying to help his friend, Minkoff jokes, “She’s precious, though. Lizzo is precious.”

“That’s what I call her! Her nickname is ‘Precious’ to me,” replied Hilton awkwardly, seemingly still confused.

several Twitter Users criticized Hilton for mistaking two curvy black women; Some even dubbed the incident “racist”.

In response to the clip, a user commented, “This is a very racist comment, but because of fans like Kathy, they’re laughing at it.”

Another person said, “Precious isn’t a real person. She’s a caricature of an overweight, poor, black girl. Taking her name is insulting, as is pretending not to know who after the ‘joke’ falls flat.” is expensive. “

Others defended Hilton, claiming he had just made a mistake that anyone could have done.

“They look alike…and why should Cathy know who Lizzo is…I hardly know who she is exactly, and I’m 23…you’re so sensitive in America .. don’t create any problem now,” said one fan.

Trying to recover from Hilton’s awkward remarks, Cohen quickly proceeded to identify the next celebrity.

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