Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma cutest pics

rebel wilson confirmed that she was dating Ramona Citrus On June 9 when she posted a picture of herself and Aguruma on Instagram With the caption, “I thought I was looking for a Disney Prince… but maybe I really needed a Disney Princess at the moment.”

Wilson later indicated that she had a relationship. made public almost without her consent By Sydney Morning Herald, which published a then-deleted op-ed on June 11 that said it was planning to run a story about Wilson and his girlfriend, two days before the star posted about the relationship. was. Wilson later addressed the situation on Twitter, writing, “Thanks for your comments, this was a very difficult situation but trying to handle it with grace.” The author of the op-ed later posted a apologies,

Since going public with his new relationship, Wilson has been posting tons of adorable photos of himself and his girlfriend on social media. The pair were introduced by a friend, Wilson told People on May 18, and spent some time talking on the phone before meeting. “We talked on the phone for weeks before we met. And it was a really nice way to get to know each other,” Wilson said. “It was a little old school in that sense – very romantic.”

In the interview, she also opened up about raising her standards and finding healthy love with Agurama. “While going through the process of finding greater self-worth, I find that what you want in a partner is high and so it’s great to have someone who feels like an equal partner and is in a healthy relationship,” she said. “At times — I’m not saying this with all my ex, they’re great — but there were times I was probably putting up with it that I shouldn’t have. So being in a really healthy relationship feels different. “

Wilson recently starred in a Netflix film “senior year,” Which premiered on 13 May. Fashion designer Agurama is the founder of sustainable clothing brand Lemon Way Limon and luxury jewelry brand DeLys.

Ahead, check out the couple’s cutest photos together.

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