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Nadya Suleiman, better known as “Octomom”, is a proud mama bear. The former reality star took to her Instagram to gush about her 13-year-old octuplets on Wednesday, August 17th – Naria, Isaiah, Maliah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, And Makai – who are beginning their final year of middle school. “First day of 8th grade,” wrote Nadya alongside a picture of her sweet teen. “Proud kids for being kind, respectful and helpful to all your fellow peers, teachers and staff. You are an exceptional role model for sixth and seventh graders. I love you.”

In the photo, all the eight kids are playing with big smiles as their arms are wrapped around each other. Lined up against a wall and rocking back packs, the crew looks ready to learn something! In case anyone was wondering about Nadya’s six grown kids, she added in her post, “(Side note to critics: Her older siblings didn’t want me to post a picture of her on her first day. I liked her I respect you, so you should too).”

Nadia clearly takes every opportunity to tell about her older brother. Back in January, he posted a cute message On her 13th birthday for the Octopets, she also shared a picture of her on her Instagram. “Growing up into some of the most kind, humble, grateful and loving human beings all of you can be,” she wrote alongside the picture which also featured the children’s father, Edward Suleiman. “You each have rare and unique characteristics, and you are unlike any other child of your age, especially in our society today.”

Nadya Suleiman poses with her octolets Nariah, Isaiah, Maliah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah and Makai. (Movie Inc. / Mega)

In 2009, nearly a decade after Nadya welcomed octopuses, she revealed that all eight babies came from a single sperm donor, putting an end to the rumor that there was more than one donor, as the babies were different and different from each other. There are features. “The donor was a frozen German and Nicaraguan mix,” Nadya wrote on Instagram at the time. “My side is even more mixed and varied. Unlike my Casper complexion, I am not Caucasian/White. I am half Arab/Palestinian, half African/Palestinian (Libyan, North African). Also, my mother’s side was Lithuanian and the fourth Jewish.”

She continued, “As a result of the heightened levels of hatred and controversy that Octomom had already created, I was afraid to share all my ethnic backgrounds. It took me years to love and accept my caste/ethnic background. I teach my children the value of self-love and to love all human beings unconditionally.”

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