Rachel Kirkconnell Slam Announcer Who Said Matt James Single

He’s her man – and she wants the world to know! Rachel Kirkconnell clapped back at a sports announcer who wrongly claimed that her boyfriend, Matt JamesA recent celebrity was “lonely” several times during basketball tournaments.

“Anytime Matt will do anything, announcer: ‘Ladies, he’s single,'” the Georgia native, 25, wrote via her Instagram Story on Monday, August 22, along with two videos from pre-season 25 Bachelor, 30, Monster Playing at the Energy Big3 Celebrity Game in Atlanta. “Like what?!!?! A really good 10 times.”

James and Kirkconnell – who won their boyfriend’s season the Bachelor — The Georgia College alum has been going strong since their relationship ended in April 2021, a month after they parted ways casteism scandal, (In early 2021, a photo of Kirkconnell attending an “Old South”-themed party at the plantation surfaced online, prompting fans to accuse the reality star of being a racist.)

In April, James became clear about Kirkconnell. their future with Feather us weekly“Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

The North Carolina native said exclusively, “I wouldn’t be with someone I wasn’t considering marrying, especially at this point in my life.” We, “We’ve talked about living in the same city and what those next steps look like. Everything is on the table.”

Kirkconnell agreed, telling We In July: “The only timeline I give her is, I was like, ‘I’ll have kids first, you know, I can’t have kids,'” she said with a laugh. “So keep that in mind.”

While James also referred to the graphic designer as his “best friend,” not everyone is as enamored with Kirkkonnell as he is.

Tyler CameronSeason 23 The Bachelor and James’ close friend, revealed exclusively We last month that he and ex bachelor competitor don’t always look face to face,

“We have our own ways of confrontation,” the 29-year-old model explained. We, “I don’t like to listen to people sometimes. And she’s strong and she has really good opinions on a lot of things. And sometimes I just don’t want to hear it.” Still, he said, Kirkconnell “always means well” and is a “really nice person.”

Cameron’s clarification comes after a vague remark made about the couple in a May episode watch what happens with live Andy CohenDuring which he stated that James and Kirkconnell have a “love-hate” relationship.

The contractor also shut down rumors that she and James are no longer friends.

“I think people think” [Matt and I aren’t friends] Because we’re not in each other’s everyday lives like we used to be,” he explained We, “I think it’s part of growing up. It’s part of entering a relationship.”

He continued: “We all have friends as they grow up, they start dating their person, they get married, they do their job and you see him when you see him. Huh.”

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