Raaz-B and J-Boog Call Out Omarion Over Background Dancer Comment

From boys to enemies! The drama went up a notch among the members of B2K. Omarion’s Recent Comments About his group members being backup dancers, especially with Jay Boog, struck a nerve.

The singer aired the allegation in a ten-page statement on her Instagram, Omarion. He wrote about his time in the group, writing, “Fame is one hell of a drug”. Boog declared that the Omarion Show was never part of the successful group and was more like a circus, and each person brought a special charm, and it was fun to watch it collectively.

“It is fun to call me a background dancer. Shall we discuss the truth about how these records were actually made? I was there. You weren’t in the booth for a lot of the vocals you put on those songs, because your main vocals weren’t entirely you. Listen to that first album. You will hear Steve Russell in and out of those leads and hooks,” he wrote. “First album, until I got a second album. I’m f***ed with you on the lead on our second single because our first number-one single, ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’, I sang the hook on it, And it drew attention to the label.

Boog continued to talk about his lead vocals and how songwriter Troy Taylor called on him to put him on the first verse of his single, ‘Girlfriend’.

When it seemed the play was over, Raz-B called Omarion as well. He shared a legal document claiming that he is no longer a member.

Roommates, what do you think of the drama?

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