R Kelly’s attorney denies Joycelyn Savage pregnancy claims (Update)

While R. Kelly continues to serve his time behind bars and prepares to go back to court for another case, his fiancée Joycelyn Savage released an 11-page book in which he talks with the singer’s child. claimed to be pregnant. However, his lawyer said that his claims were not true.

R, Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonzen, took to Twitter to refute Joycelyn’s claims, saying,

“There’s no truth to the fact that Joey is releasing a full memoir and she definitely isn’t pregnant with R. Kelly’s baby. People are just crazy. Keep it up.”

as before this Reportedly, Joycelyn released her 11-page memoir, “Love and Joy of Robert,” and in the book she says, “Months later, I started expecting serious morning sickness and I didn’t know my body. What’s wrong with me. I thought I had COVID-19, but the most amazing news was that I was expecting.”

he also talked to New York Post And about the release of his book, he said, “Yes, Robert has approved the book and his team has read it. I wanted pictures of us at concerts, at his house, and of us lying together. I Told him that I just wanted what happened. However, there were moments that I didn’t include in the book because I wanted a happy ending and story with Robert.

He also shared that there is a second volume of the book which is expected to release next year.

As many of you know, R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years back in June in his federal racketeering and sex-trafficking case. He is scheduled to return to a Chicago court on charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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