R Kelly federal trial in Chicago begins Monday

Chicago-born R&B superstar R. Kelly is set for a hearing in her hometown on Monday, where the singer will face charges of filming sex acts with underage girls and conspiring to falsify her 2008 child pornography trial, a controversial non-fiction trial. Ended in guilty verdict. ,

Jury selection is set to begin at the Durksen Federal Building in the Loop, just weeks after Starr was sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex-trafficking following a guilty verdict in federal court in New York.

The federal trial in Chicago looks to cover the same ground as the state child pornography trial in 2008, a case prosecutors say was acquitted because of payments to witnesses by Kelly, his co-defendants and former employees. , Darrell McDavid and Milton “June” Brown.

The case that Kelly defeated more than a decade ago is expected to have significant differences, including the victim’s testimony shown in the video at the center of the 2008 case. Then, she allegedly lied to investigators and a grand jury at Singer’s behest, and refused to take the stand.

The alleged victim, identified as “Minor 1” in court filings, denied allegations of having sex with Kelly when she was 13, as did her parents. But those denials were the result of payments and gifts that included sending the girl and her family to Mexico and the Bahamas to keep them out of reach of Chicago police detectives who were investigating Kelly in 2001.

The allegations allege that Kelly trained the girl to lie to the police investigating the singer, and that the singer’s lawyer was in the grand jury room when the girl and her parents denied the allegations. Prosecutors said Kelly was still sending monthly payments to the girl as of late 2015. The alleged victim is expected to testify that her denials were then false, and that she and Kelly actually had sex “hundreds” of times when they were minors.

Kelly’s former manager, McDavid and Brown, has been accused of helping other victims coordinate payments and rounding up videos of the singer with underage girls.

During Kelly’s 2008 child porn trial, Kelly’s lawyer ridiculed witnesses who said the superstar had made a homemade video showing him having sex with underage girls in duffle bags. Is – “Porno like Santa Claus.”

A decade later, filings by prosecutors cited the contents of several videos showing Starr having sex with several victims, and that he often took them in duffels. One victim, identified as “Minor 5,” told investigators that cameras and tripods were installed “everywhere” at Kelly’s former home in Lincoln Park in the late 1990s.

Prosecutors have alleged that Brown and McDavid allegedly coordinated efforts to recover the tapes that made it into the hands of others McDavid once hired a man to recover the two tapes. offered to pay more than $1 million, prosecutors said.

Coming on the heels of his sentencing in New York, the trial marks a new low for Kelly, whose popularity had not waned even after he was indicted in 2006. That changed rapidly after “Surviving Are Kelly” aired in 2019. -part documentary that featured interviews with several women who said they were in a sexual relationship with Kelly at a young age.

Kelly’s New York trial took place largely unhindered by fans, although a suburban Chicago man was charged with trial for attempting to rally Kelly supporters at federal prosecutors’ offices.

During a hearing on his sentencing in New York last month, Kelly’s lawyers argued that the 30-year prison term was effectively a life sentence for the 55-year-old singer. A guilty verdict in Chicago federal court could lead to another decade-long sentence, and Cook County prosecutors still have a sexual assault case pending against Kelly.

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