PLL: Original Sin: Who is the father of Imogen’s child? principles


HBO Max “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Is Third attempt at a reboot of Freeform’s hit “Pretty Little Liars” seriesand called it “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “riverdale“So it’s no surprise that some major changes have been made to the original premise. The latest adaptation is steeped in slasher-horror vibes, and we’re here for it. Even with Driving Mystery of the Masked Danger “A” Dangerously lurking in the new ensemble cast of Liars, several ongoing mysteries in the story also capture the attention of viewers. puzzle around Imogen (Bailey Madison) PregnancyFor example.

In a recent conversation with TV Insider, Weighed in on the cloak-and-dagger nature of Imogen’s pregnancy. “You get to know who the father is. It’s important not only for Imogen, but for the female friendships on the show. It leads to a much stronger bond between the young women — a stronger support system,” she teased .

So who is the father of Imogen’s yet unborn child? in three episodes aired on hbo max, We have got very little information about this mysterious person till now. Ahead, you’ll find all the little pieces of the puzzle that can get us closer to the identity of the father of Imogen’s baby.

What do we know about the father of Imogen’s baby

After a month’s jump following the apparent suicide of her mother, Davy, Imogen returns to Millwood High, upon which it is revealed that she is now six months into her pregnancy. On her first day, when her classmates pressure her for more information about the father of her child, she says that he was a lifeguard, but he is not in the picture.

The scene then cuts to a flashback of Imogen sitting alone on the beach, with a bottle of wine beside him, looking straight ahead, in deep thought. In a fleeting slo-mo sequence, Imogen is wearing a blue dress and a matching cardigan – the same outfit she wore Karen Beasley, Her former best friend, House Party. You may remember that Imogen and Karen argued at the party about kissing Karen’s boyfriend, Greg, Imogen.

After the sudden demise of his mother, the enormous responsibility of raising a child falls on Imogen, as they were to raise the child together in the absence of the child’s father.

Is Greg the father of Imogen’s child?

Karen kicks Imogen out of her party when Greg lies about making the move outright. Seeing as how Imogen called out to Greg for lying about his shady behavior in the present day school cafeteria, it seems that she and Imogen never did anything more than kiss. If Greg is indeed the father, it is unlikely that she would hide this fact.


Who is the father of Imogen’s child? a theory

It’s possible that the father of Imogen’s baby hasn’t been introduced as none of the characters fit the bill yet. However, the makers have slipped a major clue in the show which points towards the identity of the father.

In the first episode, Imogen’s best friend Tabby (Chandler Kinney) secretly obtains a camera installed in the boys’ locker room of her school. She takes the footage home and carefully navigates through the recording. As she observes the material, she is taking notes, as if trying to track down someone with a specific physical characteristic.

It seems shady, but think of the flashbacks of Imogen sitting on the beach. She appeared to be in a chaotic form, and the prominently placed wine bottle seemed intentional. Is it possible that her pregnancy is the result of sexual assault? This would explain why the father is not involved in Imogen’s life. It will also put Tabby’s sleuth in context. Imogen, presumably not knowing the identity of his attacker, may have told Tabby about what he remembered, including any identifying features (such as birthmarks) that might suggest that Why does Tabby take matters into his own hands and is trying to identify him.

We’ll revisit past events in upcoming episodes, which may give us another clue as to who the father of Imogen’s child is. , new episodes of “PLL: Original Sin” Hit streamers every Thursday, with the fourth and fifth episodes falling simultaneously on August 4.

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