‘Plathville’ siblings vow ‘not to split anymore’ after drama: ‘Not one person’s fault’

'Plathville' siblings vow 'not to split anymore' after drama: 'Not one person's fault'
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Forever brother and sister. Amidst the ongoing family drama on TLC welcome to plathvillesiblings have made it clear that their relationship comes first,

“We as a family have decided not to split anymore,” a Friday, August 5, statement shared via moriya platha‘s instagram read the account. “There is more to the story than what you all have seen on the show. While we understand that this is a TV show and we do not have control over how the show is edited, we are indeed a family that is full of love and respect for each other. ,

The statement continued: “That being said, we are not going to sit back and watch as our family is torn apart.”

The lengthy social media message also “cleaned up” a story line from the Thursday, August 4, episode of welcome to plathville, In part of the episode, Olivia Plath (née Meggs) alleged that her mother-in-law, Kim PlathUsed Ethan Plath‘s unapproved credit card To buy stuff for yourself. 24-year-old photographer further accuses 49-year-old matriarch stealing from Ethan without paying him back, After Olivia confronted her husband, the 24-year-old alleged that she didn’t know his password in order to revoke her mother’s access. Georgia natives are now saying that Olivia’s account was not the full story.

“There was a business agreement between Mom and Ethan in which Ethan made good money. And both parties were aware of any transactions,” Friday’s statement said, clarifying the blogger’s allegations. “Our mother should have had the opportunity to defend herself and tell her side of the story.”

Plaths rose to fame in November 2019 at the Season 1 premiere of her eponymous documentary on TLC. Reality TV show parents Kim and Barry Plathlife as parents of nine – they share Ethan, hosanna, Micah, Moria, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy – in rural Georgia. The lifestyle of the family attracted attention since the elder brother – who used to have their own band together – Stay with strict rules remotely, which include neither watching TV nor drinking soda.

In between the making of the show, Kim Exclusively clashed with Olivia ahead of their 2018 wedding to Ethan.

“When we were dating, I knew I was being controlled in what we were allowed to do, what we were allowed to say,” Olivia Remembered that us weekly in August 2021, “I remember the night that clicked for me was the night we got engaged. We come to the door, [Kim] Waited for us and he, like, grabbed my hand and looked at the ring. And the first thing she said, ‘Oh, I want to trade rings with you.’ And I was like, ‘Well, this is really weird.'”

Ethan supported his wife at the time, noting that his mother thought their marriage was about him, “It wasn’t quite right,” he said We, “Then coming back from that, after our honeymoon and all that stuff, it’s like, trying to discuss this and sort it out and then it didn’t go well.”

'Plathville' siblings vow 'not to split anymore' after drama: 'Not one person's fault'

Kim and 54-year-old TLC VC – Who announced their split in June – also dealt with Many of their older children are giving up their solitary lifestyles in favor of various tasks.

Friday’s Instagram note continued, “Some of us kids have been rebellious and finding our place in life and we are so grateful to be supported and loved unconditionally by our family…” Please remember that we are human. And make mistakes. No one is perfect and we keep learning and growing every day. No one person is at fault.”

The older Plath siblings also urged viewers to have “compassion” for their younger siblings, who are at a “very vulnerable age”, in order to deal with the fallout of a public family feud.

“We have come to the realization that unless we talk, this cycle will never end,” the statement concluded. “We ask that you have pity for us and understand that not everything you see on the show actually happens in real life. Thank you for your continued support. Family First!”

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