Pete Davidson Makes a Fashion Statement After the Kim Kardashian Split

Pete Davidson Letting your outfit do the talking.

on August 6, East saturday night live was the star photographed for the first time Ever since the news broke that he and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian They separated after dating for nine months.

on the sets of his upcoming movie Magician! In Cairns, Australia, Pete was seen wearing a green trucker hat with the film’s title written on it, paired with a graphic T-shirt with an eyebrow-raising message, ” What… I feel like s–t.”

A day earlier, sources confirmed to E! Reportedly Pete, 28, and Kim, 41—who were previously romantically involved In October 2021 – Earlier this week ended their relationship and decided to just be friends.

Insiders exclusively shared that while the pair have “a lot of love and respect for each other,” they found that the long-distance dynamic and their demanding schedule made it “really difficult to maintain the relationship.”

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