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,leaving the Dominican Republic And going back to Atlanta, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything. What I did is useless. What’s the point of a relationship with Pedro’s mother if I don’t have a relationship Pedro, Chantel says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the August 15 episode Family Chantel,

Family Chantel
Pedro and Chantel on the way to the airport. (TLC)

What makes things even more awkward is that Pedro and Chantel have to move back to America together. Despite returning together, Pedro says there is “more distance now than ever” between them.

While Chantel came to the Dominican Republic to fight for their relationship, Pedro is not on the same track as Chantel. “I’m still determined to be different in my mind when I get back because, like, Chantel she, she pushed me to do this sh*t right now,” he says. Pedro needs 3 to 6 months by himself to “take some time off”.

Pedro wants what he had with Chantel before. “I remember the wedding like never before,” he confesses. “Less problems. I was highly attracted to her. She was lovely, beautiful body, beautiful eyes, you know. We had a good physical relationship, yes. Strong physical connection. Maybe that’s all we had in the beginning .” On their way to the airport, Pedro and Chantel sit in complete silence.

Family Chantel
Chantel wants to marry Pedro. (TLC)

In his confession, Chantal is adamant on marrying Pedro. She wants to stay committed to the promises she made. Chantel also states that Pedro doesn’t remember “none of the things” that made him go through it like spending all his money.

“I think the more independent he has become in America, the more distant he has become from me,” confesses Chantal. Family Chantel Airs Monday nights at 8 PM on TLC.

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