Outer Banks’ Chase Stokes honors stand-in after his death

Chase Stokes People are being appealed to stop driving under the influence of alcohol.

more than a month after the actor outer Banks stunt double, Alexander ‘AJ’ JenningsWas killed in a hit-and-run car accident, Stokes is encouraging people to stop driving while intoxicated.

“Get in an Uber, do something,” said 29-year-old Stokes TMZ August 12, “Because the life of this beautiful soul, this beautiful person, was taken too soon because of someone who made a foolish, foolish decision to drink and drive.”

He continued, “If you go out to a party and have a couple of drinks, don’t do it. Don’t get in the car, don’t get behind the wheel. This is for our young fans who want to drive and do these things.” Coming into this age range of being able to do it. Don’t do it because we’ve lost a beautiful person. I’m still processing it, man.”

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