‘Our dog will bite the c*** out of you’

Police in Florida have shared a social media post showing the aftermath of a K9 dog attack on a suspect who reportedly did not take officers’ threats seriously.

On June 27, Facebook posted the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) spokesman said K9 dog “lefty” left his mark on suspect Stanley Carter.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were 343 K9 units in state police departments and correctional facilities in 2020.

Police arrived near Pineda Causeway and US 1 after receiving a warrant for Carter’s arrest. He had allegedly threatened to kill a family member.

Photos of Carter's injuries and his arrest
A split image of Carter’s injuries and his arrest. Carter will appear in court in July and August.
BCSO Handout

When officers find Cater’s abandoned motorcycle at the top of the bridge, Corporal Lee Roth and Lefty are requested to help find the fugitive.

Facebook The post read: “‘Lefty’ immediately picked up a track on the south side of the road which took them to the north side of the area under the bridge.

“Based on the actions of the ‘leftists’, Corporal Roth believed that Carter was hiding in thick brush, so he made repeated verbal announcements to Carter to surrender, but received no response to instructions.

“Corporal Roth and K9 Lefty continued the track deep into the wooded area where ‘Lefty’ made contact with the suspect, who apparently thought we were joking when we announced that if you’re violent Our dog will bite the c*** out of you fugitive who doesn’t follow our deputy’s legitimate instructions.”

The post continued: “As you can imagine, Carter was quite surprised that a dog had been dented by his arm and even by his leg as he was trying to escape the apprehension.

“Guys, it’s really simple… If you ever wondered whether K9s from BCSO would take a bite out of the offense, just ‘fuck off.’ Carter was detained on an active warrant with a ‘no bond’ condition for making written threats, causing bodily harm or committing acts of mass shooting or terrorism, breaching the terms of pre-trial release and stalking “

According to BCSO booking information, Carter, 46, was arrested on June 24 and charged with sending written threats to kill or injure and simple stalking after cyberstalking harassment, among several other offenses. Carter remains in jail and is due to appear in court on July 18 and August 2 and 3.

newsweek BCSO has been contacted for comments.

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