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NSYNC Star, JC chesejo46, officially joined TikTok on August 9, and the old memories are very real! Jesse has grown up as he sported a head full of gray hair along with a beard and mustache. He captioned the post, “am i doing it properly? @iamkirkpatrick @lancebass @Justin Timberlake @joeyfatone,


am i doing it properly? @iamckirkpatrick @lancebass @justintimberlake @joeyfatone

Original Soundboard – JC_Chasez

JC was the last NSYNC Member To connect with popular social media platforms. He asked his fellow bandmates if he was making his first TikTok properly. Many NSYNC fans commented on the post excited to see JC once again. One fan wrote, “Well hello there Silver Fox!!!!!” In the video, which appears to have been filmed while dining at a restaurant, Jesse does his best camera work during his courtship. jennifer huyoung stick out his tongue. We’re definitely giving Jesse an A+ for the effort!

He also added the band’s iconic song “Bye Bye Bye” to the end of the short video. The song was first released in the year 2000, and added nostalgia in the video. Jessie’s Tiktok Has gained over 60K followers in just one day, and his videos have already garnered over a million views. For his TikTok bio, Jesse wrote, “Enjoy this 1st content” and we definitely are!

JC  chesejo
Jesse Chase from the NSYNC band at the Elton John AIDS Foundation event. (David Buchan/Shutterstock)

Just in case your memory has faded over the years – Members of NSYNC Involved Justin Timberlake41, JC Chase, Joey Fatone45, Chris Kirkpatrick50, and lance bass43. The boyband was formed almost 30 years ago in 1995 before the group’s collapse in 2002. Some of his best-known hits include “It’s Gonna Be Me”, “This I Promise You” and “I Want You Back”, all of which were released. In the early aughts.

Now everyone is doing their job, and hasn’t released an album as NSYNC since 2001. Their final studio album together was their fourth album, titled famous person, Jesse worked before America’s Best Dance Team As a judge in 2008. Aside from TikTok, fans can keep up with the former teen heartthrob instagram Where he has more than 240 thousand followers.

After all these years, we must say that Jesse has certainly aged well, and his TikTok followers agree. One fan wrote, “This man is as old as fine wine” and the singer jokingly replied, “Red or white?”

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