Normani Says Her Personal Life Has “Real Life S–t” Going On

Normani She wants to set the record straight when it comes to her motivation.

fifth harmony Referring to some recent challenges in his life, the alum claimed that his dedication towards his music career has been put on hold.

One Twitter user wrote in a deleted message, “Don’t know where Normani’s inspiration (no pun intended) went, but I don’t see the passion in her that I used to have.” Board, “Before you start, it’s not depression so don’t even go there!”

Another user claimed it was simply “what happens when you get comfortable and you’re no longer hungry.”

But Normani reacted sharply on August 9, Tweet Back to user “Just shut down f–k up.”

Along with the fashion illustrator, some fans also came to Normani’s rescue Hayden Williams Gave some insight into what the 26-year-old could be. “It’s so interesting that people who have no idea what it’s like to be in the music industry and the complexities that come with it, but will perpetuate unwanted and rude opinions all the time,” Hayden tweeted.

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