no games on midterm election day

by Tim Reynolds | ap basketball writer

The NBA will be closed on Election Day.

All 30 teams in the league’s schedule for the coming season will play on 7 November, the night before the midterm elections. The NBA is hoping that teams use that night as an opportunity to encourage fans to get out and vote, as well as raise the need for civic engagement.

But on November 8, which is Election Day, there are no games scheduled for any NBA team. Teams are being encouraged to share election information – such as registration deadlines – with their fan bases in the weeks leading up to November 8.

“The decision of the determination stems from the NBA family’s focus on promoting non-partisan civic engagement and encouraging fans to plan how to vote during the midterm election,” the league said Tuesday.

All 435 US House seats will be occupied on November 8, along with more than 30 US Senate seats and gubernatorial races.

“It’s unusual. We don’t usually change the schedule of an outside event,” James Cadogan, executive director of the NBA’s Social Justice Coalition, told NBC, which first reported the league’s Election Day program plans. But voting and Election Day are clearly unique and incredibly important to our democracy.”

The move is rare for the league, which typically plays no games on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and tries to avoid scheduling games on the day of the NCAA men’s basketball championship game — often the first Monday of April. There’s also a few days off built around the All-Star Game in February.

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