NFL ref calls penalty on Seattle Mariners in Giants vs. Seahawks game – NBC Sports Philadelphia


The Seattle Seahawks were called for two penalties on Sunday.
And the Seattle Mariners were called for one.
Late in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks’ home matchup versus the New York Giants, NFL referee Jerome Boger got his Seattle sports teams mixed up while announcing a penalty to the Lumen Field crowd.
“After the play was over, sideline interference — the coaching staff of the Seattle Mariners was in the restricted area,” Boger said.
Didn’t realize you were in the building, @Mariners. 😂 #EmbraceTheChaos
chaos never rests
A hilarious blunder that would be a bit more understandable if the Mariners were currently at the forefront of the sports world and playing in the World Series. But the M’s season has been over for a couple of weeks after losing in the ALDS.
NFL Twitter didn’t cut the 19-year veteran ref any slack for the mistake.
Jerome Boger just called them the Seattle “Mariners.” It’s time to hang ’em up.
This guy Jerome Boger just said the “Seattle Mariners…” Does he even know what sport he’s officiating anymore??
Apparently Jerome Boger thinks he’s at a baseball game today… LOL!!!
No wonder Jerome Boger is the worst ref in football… he thinks he’s a baseball umpire.
The Mariners Seahawks went on to close out a 27-13 victory over the Giants.


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