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The Denver Broncos are set to face the Seattle Seahawks in their season opener on Monday Night Football next week.
Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett is an offensive-minded coach, so he calls the offensive plays and focuses mostly on that side of the ball. With that kind of role, Hackett has been focused on Seattle’s defense leading up to Week 1.
Earlier this week, Hackett specifically mentioned three players that Denver’s offense will have to watch out for: defensive linemen Shelby Harris and Al Woods, and star safety Jamal Adams.
“Looking primarily at the defense up to this point, they are a very good defensive football team,” Hackett said Tuesday. “They have got some huge human beings up front, with a lot of experience. We all know Shelby. Shelby is a really good player. Woods at the nose. He’s a dominant player up in the middle there.
“Then just even in the back end, you look at 33, he’s a force. I’ve gone against him a couple times, he makes his presence known. So people are talking about that transition stuff, but from a defense perspective, they look really good right now.”
After trading quarterback Russell Wilson to the Broncos, Seattle’s offense is in a transition period and seemingly not as big of a threat to Denver’s game plan as their defense is. Hackett’s not going to say that, though, and he had a diplomatic take on the Seahawks’ offense going into MNF.
“From an offensive standpoint, they still have a bunch of good players there that have made a lot of plays,” Hackett said. “So, it’s going to be a heck of a battle.”
Monday’s game will be nationally televised on ESPN and ABC.
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