Newbie Emilia Clarke blows everyone out of the water at her ‘Game of Thrones’ audition

Emilia Clarke was doing three things to support herself while trying to be an actress before her big break on Game of Thrones. And the stars certainly aligned when the show needed to reshoot the pilot and Clarke auditioned for the role of Daenerys. In an email interview with the Guardian, showrunner and co-producer David Benioff said that the actors were asked to prepare two scenes, one from the beginning when Danny was meek and fearful and the other from when he found his power and “Dragon mother of “.” “Many were good in the first scene. A few seconds were good. Only Emilia did both, ”said Benioff. “And she made them work far better than the words on the page. It was impossible to imagine anyone else in the role: she was a true queen of ours. And to be honest, she just has that mysterious quality that makes an actor special, that you Wants to see them. When you find someone who matches that star quality with serious acting… well, you hire them.”

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