Netflix star Batsheva Hart details her “hinging ho phase” amid divorce

Batsheva Harto Single and ready to meet!

after more than seven months ending their nine-year marriage To ben weinsteinThe my unconventional life The star has jumped back into the dating scene. Of course she’s a little behind in all the new apps when she was only 19 tied the knot With a New York-based realtor, Batsheva is now documenting all the ups and downs of her singleton journey, for all to see.

one in tik tok video Shared in June, the 29-year-old candidly admitted that “the first phase I experienced was my hinge ho phase.”

“There’s really no other way to describe it,” she explained, adding that she’s “talking to a million people” on the dating app, which was founded in 2012. “When you’re talking to a group of people, you can easily remove the ones you don’t want to see.”

For Batsheva, it is “important” to continue the conversation with perspective suitors, she noted in a separate video. “On the hinge, instead of liking a picture or a sign, you should respond to prompts,” she explained. “Liking someone’s profile isn’t enough. So when I see a guy I love, I’ll respond with something.”

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