National insider reveals an important task for the team

A detailed view of the Washington Nationals' batting helmet in the dugout prior to the start of the game against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park on April 21, 2019 in Miami, Florida.
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citizens of WashingtonWith uncertainty when it comes to ownership future and after trading your best player (john soto), will now play the cards presented to them.

Those cards are a roster full of young, promising players, but with no chance of going post season in 2022 and maybe even 2023.

However, they should know that no matter how talented a player is and close to the big companies, the organization needs to nurture and develop that talent.

It needs to work out the weaknesses and work towards the strengths of the player.

In other words, rebuilding organizations needs to develop that talent, and it’s certainly more difficult than it looks.

The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty made some occasional comments about that.

“There is a major story now for Citizens, and I hope to write about it soon, the pressure on their player development staff to bring along the players they received from the Padres. They have made notable changes there, but still a lot. Behind all the clubs,” Dougherty said.

They have players, now it’s their turn to guide

He got many potential difference-makers in Soto deal: Outfielder Robert Hassello third and James Woodpitcher Mackenzie Gore And Jerlyn Susannah, and fielder CJ Abrams, plus slugger luke voitesoto and for Josh Bell,

Gore is close to being a finished product, but Abrams, with MLB experience among other possibilities, still has a long way to go.

Abrams needs to replenish his body to harness his raw power potential, as he basically makes contact but does no damage.

He could Become a star, but it will largely depend on the development of the player in the Nets.

Hassel, Wood and Susanna are extremely talented, but far from big companies.

The organization has to help them improve.

Will Washington be able to do this?

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